• First Consultation

    You will be given an in-depth analysis on where that will break down where your issues come from, explaining the reasons behind them in a straightforward and clear manner.

  • Basic Techniques

    You will then be given individualized and private exercises such as maintaining the right tongue posture, exercises to strengthen the fascia, and more. This stage involves laying a firm foundation.

  • Advance Your Skills

    Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll receive advanced techniques specifically designed to meet your needs. These include exercises that go beyond the basics, focusing on refining facial muscle symmetry for a more comprehensive approach.

  • Personalization & Integration

    Your practice will be personalized based on your specific requirements and progress. Adjustments will then be made to refine your technique for more targeted results. You will learn how these techniques and exercises should be adapted to seamlessly fit into your daily routine.

  • Follow-up Consultation

    In this final stage, we focus on maintaining your progress over the long term, adapting to life's changes, and ensuring you can continue to progress with minimal supervision.