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1-on-1 Detailed Consultation (30 minutes)

1-on-1 Detailed Consultation (30 minutes)

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Unlock the secrets to an ideal facial and body posture with our expert-guided, 1-on-1 Mewing Consultation Call. This personalized session is designed to provide you with advice and techniques based on the principles of mewing, aligning with Wolff's Law and the functional matrix theory.

What You'll Get:

  • 30-Minute One-on-One Call: Engage in a detailed, personal discussion with a mewing expert. Our session accommodates your schedule and can be conducted via Zoom, Skype, or your preferred communication platform. Video feedback is optional

  • Customized Advice: Receive individualized recommendations tailored to your needs. We cover aspects like tongue posture, body alignment, and lifestyle adjustments to enhance your mewing practice.
  • Q&A Session: A dedicated time for you to ask any questions and clarify doubts, ensuring you leave the call with a clear understanding of your mewing journey.

  • Follow-Up Resources: Post-call, receive a summary of key points discussed and a list of resources for further learning.

After this consultation, continue with follow up consultation.

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