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1-on-1 Simple Consultation (15 minutes)

1-on-1 Simple Consultation (15 minutes)

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  • 15 minute Personalized Session: Dive into your mewing practice with a one-on-one discussion, addressing your specific progress and challenges. This session is flexible and conducted via your preferred communication platform (Zoom, Skype, etc.).

  • Progress Assessment: A thorough evaluation of your improvements since the last session, including adjustments to tongue posture, jaw alignment, and overall body posture.

  • Advanced Techniques: As you progress, we introduce more advanced mewing techniques and exercises to further enhance your results.

  • Customized Action Plan: Receive a personalized plan with actionable steps for continued improvement, taking into account your latest progress and feedback.

  • Lifestyle Integration Strategies: Learn how to further integrate mewing into your daily life with advanced tips and practical advice.

  • Q&A Opportunity: Clarify any doubts and get answers to your questions, ensuring you have all the information you need to continue your mewing journey successfully.

  • Email Support: Post-consultation email support for quick questions or clarifications, providing you with ongoing assistance.

Ideal For: Anyone who has completed the detailed mewing consultation and is looking to maintain momentum, overcome plateaus, and achieve the best possible results. service is perfect for those dedicated to refining their technique and integrating mewing into their lifestyle for long-term benefits.

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